Here at Lendmark Mortgage Corporation we strive to give you the best customer satisfaction. We’ve compiled a list of documents that you may need when filling out a mortgage application. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Documents that you may need

The following list is a list of documents that you may need when filling out your mortgage application. As each mortgage is different and unique please just use the list as a guideline.
  • Original signed loan application and all mortgage loan disclosures

  • Copy of year-to-date pay stubs for past 30 days

  • Copies of last two year w-2s or 1099s

  • If self-employed, federal tax returns for the past two years and a YTD profit / loss statement

  • Personal tax returns for the last two years – all schedules, signed

  • Homeowner’s insurance information (including policy number and insurance agent’s telephone number)

  • Homeowner’s association information (including contact name and telephone number)

  • Copies of bank statements for the past two months on all accounts

  • Copy of ratified sales contract or HUD-1 on current home (if purchase)

  • Copy of the front and back of the cancelled earnest deposit check (if purchase)

  • Evidence of cashing in assets (stocks, 401k) documenting the value, liquidation, and transfer of funds to your checking account for all funds that are to be used for the down payment

  • Copies of leases on all rental properties owned for one year

  • Termite inspection report (if purchase)

  • Copy of survey and title policy on current home (if refinance)

  • For VA loans: copy of DD214 and certificate of eligibility

Other documents that may be required in certain circumstances:

  • Original gift letter signed by both the donor and recipient of gift

  • Evidence of the donor’s ability to give the gift (e.g. bank statement or stock statement)

  • List of savings bonds held with serial numbers

  • Letter of explanation and supporting documentation regarding the source of funds

  • Copy of realtor’s listing and net proceeds sheet

  • Separation agreement and divorce decree

  • Evidence of receipt of child support or paternity agreement

  • Bankruptcy petition and discharge documentation

  • HUD-1 settlement statement after the following property goes to settlement

  • Auto title demonstrating free and clear ownership of all automobiles

  • Green card or work visa

  • Letter of credit explanation

  • Letter of explanation for the gap in employment

This list is to be used for general guidelines purposes only and in no way is intended to represent the requirements specific to any one lender. Lendmark Mortgage Corp. does not assume responsibility, nor do their lenders, for errors and omissions in the content or use of this list.

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