Since 2005, Aaron Berger has been on a mission to provide first-time home buyers with a comprehensive and high-quality real estate service – at a significant cost savings.  Aaron originally opened Lendmark Mortgage Corporation in an effort to provide competitive rates and low-cost mortgages with superior customer service, but says “we have been providing low rates and fees for first-time home buyers since we opened in 2005, but we wanted to take it further.”  To Aaron – and his team – taking it further involves giving back to those who sacrifice on a daily basis to serve and protect our communities.  To accomplish this, Aaron founded Mass Home Assist and leveraged his relationships with the top realtors, attorneys, and lenders to develop a mortgage program that offers the highest level of savings and discounts by creating a bundled savings for these hometown heroes.


The desire to give back to those who give their lives to and for the community is close to home – literally.  As Aaron’s wife is a nurse, he sees firsthand how taxing the medical industry can be and the toll it can take on the selfless professionals who care for the sick.  Lendmark has supported Boston Police for over a decade and has worked with Boston Firefighters, recognizing that they put their lives on the line by walking into burning buildings or into the line of fire every day.  As Aaron puts it “these are true heroes” and Mass Home Assist is a joint effort from Massachusetts real estate professionals to “help those that better our Bay State in their home ownership journey.”  As part of this mortgage program, borrowers will be able to combine their lowest, most generous programs along with private grants, down payment assistance, reduced legal fees, free appraisals, and free credit reports. Eligibility is extended to first-time home buyers, military, firefighters, EMTs/nurses, teachers, law enforcement, etc.


So how is this possible?  When the real estate market in Massachusetts is very competitive and also extremely expensive, how can there be a light at the end of the tunnel for likely inexperienced first-time home buyers?  That’s where Aaron and his team come in.


With over 12 years’ experience operating Lendmark, Aaron has succeeded in running one of the state’s largest and most successful brokerages, having brokered over $2 billion in brokered mortgages while maintaining an A+ BBB rating in a market that has seen many ups and downs.  Aaron has become an expert in many areas of home financing, including first-time home buying, 1% down financing, divorce scenarios, investors, as well as many niche programs.  In addition to Aaron’s skills and experience, Jeffrey Fortune, the number one rated Massachusetts Loan Officer on Zillow, brings over 15 years’ experience in the mortgage industry to the Mass Home Assist mission as well as a passion for providing clients with the most accurate quotes and loan estimates for a superior customer service experience.  Staying up-to-date on new guidelines and regulations is another critical component for Jeffrey’s – and ultimately – the borrower’s success.  Aaron and Jeffrey’s commitment to their clients’ success is mirrored by the incredible and overwhelmingly positive feedback from previous customers.


Starting the process with Mass Home Assist is easy.  There is no cost to become a member, no red tape, and no hidden fees.  Plus, the team behind the scenes are leading industry experts in the mortgage business striving to give back to a community of heroes for the sacrifices so few are willing to make. To contact a representative at Mass Home Assist for a free consultation, please call (781)-786-8490 or visit  The path to your new home could be one call or click away.